Developing Ailments From Alcohol Addiction

Heavy drinkers or alcoholics tend to be more prone to having diseases and developing medical ailments because of their addiction to alcohol. The more they drink the lesser their immune system functions therefore causing them to be even vulnerable to the common cold. An even more serious medical condition which is a result of alcohol addiction is liver cancer or pancreatic cancer. Studies show that men or women who drink 2 to 3 glasses a day are more likely to develop this type of condition. There have been a significant rise in cancer related deaths which was caused by liver or pancreatic cancer because of alcohol dependency.

Treatment centers and alcohol rehabs advise men who are in their early 30’s to ease up on their drinking habits. Around this age males are not only prone to developing an alcoholism but they are also susceptible to having a liver disease or pancreatic cancer. Having 2-3 servings of alcohol or any alcoholic beverage for men ensures they are very likely to develop such ailment. For this reason social drinking is encouraged by alcohol rehabs for a person to drink only on occasion. Doing this lowers the chance of contracting pancreatic cancer or liver disease.

Cigarette smokers however are also drinkers where they prefer their cigarette smoking with liquor. Becoming addicted to cigarette smoking increases the chances of likewise being dependent on liquor which could develop into several conditions at once. They are more likely to develop cancer of the lung and cirrhosis from smoking plus liver or pancreatic cancer from alcohol. That is why deaths associated with alcohol addiction rises substantially each year. The best way to prevent such ailments from developing would be to drink moderately or occasionally and to avoid or give up smoking.

Beer and wine drinkers however are significantly less vulnerable to developing such conditions. The reason being beer and wine are mainly preferred by social drinkers. Such alcoholic beverages only have a small percent of alcohol therefore it would likely take quite a long time for an average person to get intoxicated from beer or red wine. A few studies have even proved that occasional drinking of red wine is good for the heart since it can help with the body’s blood circulation. It is only effective if an individual drinks in small amounts, drinking huge quantities of wine will get a person drunk therefore making them prone to developing an alcoholism.

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