Changing Diet to Cope with Cancer

Everybody knows that cancer is a serious disease. Many people around the world die beacuse of this disease. This illness cause painful and traumatic experience to people, in fact, many are afraid just hearing news about cancer. Most cancers are believed to be caused by lifestyle particularly associated with tobacco/cigarette, alcohol and poor diet. Because cancer has been so prevalent nowadays, studies have been made to animals and it has proven that diet has protective effects on tumor development.

According to studies, people eating less fat have less cancers especially those of breast, pancreas,ovaries, prostate and colon. The problem is, “is it caused by fat or the calories? Studies proved that increased feeding of fat increases the development of tumors. However, the promotion of cancer by feeding fat may be partly explained by the fact that fats provide essential nutrients called fatty acids needed for the growth of tumor. Reducing fat intake may lower the risk of colon cancer. A high intake of fat causes grater amounts of bile acids and their breakdown products may irritate the cells of the colon, promoting cancer. Cancer-causing substances form on some foods such as meats when cooked with high temperature on open flames. Salt cured or pickled foods may increase the risk of stomach and throat cancer.

There are ways in which we can lower the risk of cancer, you just have to take a good look at your diet and decide what changes you can make. Eating fruits and vegetables has been associated with a reduced risk cancer particularly lung, mouth, throat, stomach, colon and breast. Unfortunately, most of us disregard this food when in fact it contains a lot of vitamins and minerals our body needs to stay fit and healthy.

In order to get the maximum benefit of the vitamins and minerals, we should double our intake of these foods. Legumes are also recommended, we can choose from soy bean, tofu, lentils, peas, garvanzos and nuts. However, we must remember that how much we eat and what we eat may increase the risk of cancer.

People look at cancer prevention as a supplement or single diet change, as simple as “What should I eat?” or “what medicine should I take?” We must keep in mind that what is needed is to have the right lifestyle and change in our diet and following it. Remember, prevention is better than cure. While we can still fight and prevent it then we should do it!

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