Enlarged prostate Can Haunt Men with Erectile Dysfunction

Prostate gland enlargement is a common condition for men older than 50 years of age. More often that not it links to erectile dysfunction (ED). Impotence is treatable via vacuum constriction device, injectable medicines, Kamagra tablets, penile implants and other therapies. When the prostate enlarges the urinary system is stressed, and there is problem passing urine. The urgency of urination increases, and the person has to put additional strain while urinating, which can lead waking up multiple times in the night for the same. Thus, stress and the disrupted urinary process can result in erection sustaining or achieving issue.

Pain during urination or stretch of the penile organ in itself can cause trouble with erection. The after feeling definitely plays down on the libido. Also, male hormones testosterone is affected by the prostate cancer more than the enlargement. It may lower the sexual drive, and needs corrective treatment like hormone replacement therapy. Those with low blood circulation in the phallus can benefit from Penegra tablets. These inhibit PDE5 enzymes relating to limpness of reproductive organ, and enhances cGMP enzyme through chemical messenger, nitric oxide.

Early Signs of Enlarged Prostate

Sometimes the arteries of penile organ can get affected as well due to the strain, and lower the neurological process for letting the person receive a hard on. In such scenarios, the person can take Kamagra medicine for treating impotence. Few signs to enlarged prostate are feeling of emptying bladder not completely, slow or weak urinary stream, urgency to urinate, difficulty starting the urine pass, getting up often in the night to pass urine. Straining while urinating, a urinary pass that stops and starts in between. Such symptoms can greatly affect the sexual desire or interfere during intercourse.

When to See a Doctor?

If the above symptoms are starkly visible, then it is time to approach for medical help. Medicines and therapies can treat enlarged prostate and erectile dysfunction. Those with impotence fail to get a hard on or even though there may be few instances of erection, these die down quickly before attainment of penetration or climax. For male impotence fast remedy, Penegra 100mg pill can assist tremendously. Millions of men have gained advantage from oral PDE5 inhibitors as cure to ED. However, the medication has no effect on bettering prostate condition, for which an urologist may be the right person to serve answers.

Are there Natural ED and Prostate Problem Cures?

Some wary the use of medications or fear getting a surgery correcting disorders. Such men can benefit from natural therapies. Apart from herbal supplements, and exercises, which must be only done on recommendation of doctor, the men can depend on controlling diet. It is possible that males with enlarged prostate may even get discharge of blood in urine. If something like this occurs, then the person must go for prostate cancer examination. If the results prove positive, then specialist treatment is necessary, and it is completely different from impotence or enlarged prostate issue.

What to Tell the Counselor?

Sexual and urinary problems for men can be embarrassing. A disrupted love life is the worst nightmare for men. If the affected individual feels stressed, depressed, or has problem talking about his issue to partner or doctor, then he can seek counselor’s assistance. He/she will ask about the symptoms experienced, and provide valid suggestions. Perhaps the counselor can arrange couples’ therapy as well, so that the individual can open about the psychological effects of erectile dysfunction and enlarged prostate. If everything works out fine, and the disorder is detected early, then faster recovery is expected.

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