Breast cancer risk factors.

It is significant to know about cancer and cure. Breast cancer risk factors may include age, health history, getting first period early, hereditary, and race. Breast cancer is most common with women but some men can have this type of cancer as well.

A risk factor is anything that makes it more likely you’ll get a particular disease. Factors that are associated with an increased risk of breast cancer include being female, according to research women are more likely to develop breast cancer than men. Older women have a greater risk than younger women especially those older than 55. A personal history of breast cancer, if a woman had cancer on her one breast it increased the risk of having cancer on the other breast. If a mother, sister and daughter had breast cancer, you will have the greater chance of having it.

As the person gets older, the risk for breast cancer goes up. Having had breast cancer in the past increases the risk for having breast cancer in the future. Women who got their first period before age 12 have a higher risk for breast cancer than women who got their first period after age 12. Breast cancer is hereditary so if you have members of the family that had a breast cancer, you have a greater chance. White women are at higher risk for breast cancer than are women of other races. Be sure to talk to your physician about cancer risk factor.

According to research hereditary cancer is a cancer that has developed as a result of a gene mutation passed down from a parent to a child. Inheriting that gene doesn’t mean that you will acquire cancer but increases the risk factor. The research reveals that cancer is not inherited, only the gene that increases the risk factor of developing it.

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