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posted by Savanah on Aug 21

Having pets can be relaxing diversion to your daily routine. They have been proven to lower blood pressure and relieve depression. People have kept pets for ever forming a bond between animal and man. People keep pets of all variety from fish to birds, dogs and cats, snakes and lizards, rats and ferrets and many many more. Small pets like small rodents can be good for smaller children. They can learn what it is to be responsible and how to take care of an animal. These are good pets for apartment dwellers. People with houses and yards can have large dogs as these guys need room to run around and get their exercises. They also need to have a place to relieve themselves. Pets like dogs require you to be able to let them out or take them for a walk if they don;t have access to the outside on their own. Cats are nice as pets because they require little attention and pretty much take care of themselves. The down side is the litter box and cleaning it. This can put some people off to keeping cats at all because they don’t want to deal with it. An aquarium can make sentences when time is limited. Some people travel with their pets but you should check first cause some 5 star hotel won’t let pets in. Once a fish tank is set up right and the balance of fish ok there is only monthly cleaning that needs to be done other than daily feeding. Fish come in many sizes colors and prices so they can fit into many budgets. Small tanks take up little space and larger tanks need bigger room. Birds are fun pets they are very friendly and playful. They come in many sizes too so there is a size to fit anyone living space. There are so many different personalities among the breeds of birds careful selection is important. Some birds will require more attention. others special diets. Some birds need a lot of space because they are very active others need just enough to hang out and stretch their wings.

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