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We at Adam Smith Learning Centre are proud
to have a team of very experienced A-Level tutors. Needless to say, all of our JC
tuition teachers are university graduates from NUS, NTU or SMU.

ALL of our General Paper (GP) tutors are
qualified, with either a Bachelors in Mass Communications, Honours degrees in English, or a Masters in
Language Studies.

ALL Economics tuition lessons are conducted by
existing and ex-JC (Junior College) teachers.

Similarly, highly experienced teaching staff oversee
all the other subjects of Chemistry and Mathematics. (More info about other subjects to be

Most importantly, ALL of our tutors for
‘A’ Level are fully trained at the National Institute of Education (NIE), of Singapore.

Do read on to fully understand
tutor profiles and experience.

'A' Levels Tuition SG

A-Level General Paper (GP)

Mrs Tan HS
A very experienced ex-GP tutor with Hwa Chong Institution (HCI),
who also pioneered the Knowledge & Inquiry (KI) with her previous school at Temasek Junior College (TJC), Mrs
Shereen Tan is definitely one of the rare few General Paper tuition teachers in Singapore, who can relate very well
with students.

She has
the knack of relating almost every current event and major happening to common GP issues, while engaging GP pupils
in meaningful discussions.

with her ability to get students to permanently instill in themselves the learning points, and exam skills, she has
consistently secure very high distinction rates for the past 10 years!

Mr. Poon
Existing JC GP Lecturer – General Tutor
Mr. Poon is our tuition center’s General Paper teacher and is presently a GP tutor in a local junior
college (JC) in S’pore. He has a 2nd Class Honors (Upper) degree in English from NUS and is an
extremely passionate teacher and mentor.

A very experienced GP teacher, he has been with our tuition center
since the last 2 years and has exhibited sound teaching GP exam strategies and motivating

Mr Poon’s forte lies in the tackling of the GP Comprehension exam
(Paper 2). While many A-Level students find the summary and application questions tough, He helped our
students breeze though this paper and aided to perform in their exams.

Mr Poon is also in the process of writing his General Paper
guide book for JC students for our tuition centre.

Read about his A-Level Tutors’

'A' Levels Tuition SG

A-Level Economics

Mr Duncan

Adam Smith Learning Centre (ASLC) are proud to have
with us, Mr Duncan Lim, who graduated from the National University of Singapore (NUS) with a Bachelor of
Arts degree with Merit in Economics and a Bachelor of Social Sciences with Honours in Economics.

Upon graduation,
 joined the Ministry of
Education. Having received his Diploma in Education from NIE, he’s serving at a local Junior College (JC)
where he taught H1, H2 and H3 Economics since 2001.

In 2009, Mr Lim was scouted by Adam Smith
Learning Centre Pte Ltd to develop the instructional programme for Economics for the Centre.

As the Senior Education Specialist of
Academic Programs of ASLC, Mr Lim lead and trains the team of Economics teachers to deliver a very strong programme
at ASLC.

He also conducts training programmes for fresh
Economics graduates and mid-career personnel who wish to establish a teaching career in Economics in private
schools and education centres.

If you wish to embark on an exciting career as
a JC Tutor (Subject Focus: A-Level Economics), kindly call us @ 96959650 for more info.
Alternatively, you can reach us 6554-7170, or go to A-Level tuition jobs.

If you wish to submit your resume (for application of full time teaching jobs),
kindly email us at [email protected]

Read more about the Econs Tuition Teachers’
for Mr Lee here.

Mr Jack Tan

Where A-Level tutoring for Econs is concerned,
Mr Jack Tan is somewhat a pioneer. After all, he is t
he creator of Si
ngapore’s first and only A-Level Economics website database, housing hundreds of sample exam
questions and full length answers.

(Students who attends our Econs tuition lessons get FREE access to the database
website. Call us at 96959650 for more info.)

Being IT savvy since his JC days while as an A-Level tuition teacher and also
competent in teaching the subject of Economics, Mr Tan emphasises on exam skills and techniques in
his Econs tuition lessons.

Read about the A-Level Tutors’
for him here.

Mr Steve Yeo
Being vibrant, youthful and energetic, Mr Steve Yeo easily connects with the Econs students in his

Specialising in Macroeconomics, Mr Yeo is the person behind the scene in ensuring
all students can attend all lessons seamlessly, be it in regular classroom lessons, intensive revision classes, or
even make up lessons!

His forte lies in the use of technology, and his ability to relate well with
students, that we are able to co-desiging a programme that will suit every Economics students, in every

Mr Yeo specialises in the teaching of H1 Economics tuition classes, with emphasis
on case study answering techniques.


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