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Accutane Plaintiffs Must Prove Link Between Drug and Side Effects

Elise Kramer | April 10th, 2012

Over seven thousand Accutane lawsuits have been filed nationwide, and more continue to be filed even though the medication was pulled from the market in 2009. This is partially because one of the major side effects of the medication, Accutane inflammatory bowel disease, can show up even after the patient discontinues his or her use of the medication. The thousands of plaintiffs who are involved in Accutane litigation are looking for compensation for their Accutane-related injuries from drug maker Hoffman-La Roche, costs that can include medical bills and lost wages among a number of other things.

Accutane lawsuits depend on many factors

Accutane inflammatory bowel disease can include Accutane ulcerative colitis and Accutane Crohn’s disease. These conditions can be painful, debilitating, and even permanent. A number of patients who have experienced these side effects of Accutane have contacted an Accutane lawyer because they are interested in filing an Accutane lawsuit. These lawsuits have gained some plaintiffs millions of dollars in damages after their trials were seen by a jury.

An Accutane lawyer will need to examine several factors before they can determine whether or not a potential plaintiff has a valid Accutane lawsuit that will stand up in court. Plaintiffs will need to prove that they do not have a personal or family history of inflammatory bowel disease, because if they do it is an indication that the condition might not necessarily be a function of the patient’s use of Accutane.

Accutane side effects improperly warned of

Most lawsuits claim that the warning labels on Accutane were inadequate, and that they do not believe they were properly warned about the potential side effects of the medication. They will likely need to prove that they were improperly warned about Accutane side effects and that if they had been warned they would not have taken the medication.

A number of federal Accutane lawsuits have been consolidated in a multidistrict litigation case in the United States District Court for the District of Florida.Other lawsuits have been consolidated into a mass tort lawsuit that will be seen in the Superior Court of New Jersey by Judge Carol Higbee.

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